You have nothing to lose...


Bootcamp prices

Save time and money by booking several sessions in advance. 


Pay as you train either in cash or with a TWINT transfer.

  • CHF 25 for 1 bootcamp session

Abo 10

Book 10 sessions in advance over bank transfer. 

  • CHF 230 for 10 bootcamp sessions (valid for 6 months)

Abo 25

Book 25 sessions in advance over bank transfer. 

  • CHF 500 for 25 bootcamp sessions (valid for 1 year)

How does it work?

Nowadays, we are all always busy and it is really hard to plan. This is why Freilager Bootcamps is designed in a way that gives you flexibility. When you buy an Abo, you can join any session we offer during the week - no commitments! It is almost the same as paying per session you attend, but without having to worry everytime about the payment - we take care of tracking your sessions, you just have to train and enjoy :)

Bring a friend

Tell your family and friends about Freilager Bootcamps! If any of them buys an Abo, we will add a free session to your account!