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Nowadays, we are all always busy and it is really hard to plan.

This is why Freilager Bootcamps is designed in a way that gives you flexibility.

You can train with us and pay each session individually, or you can buy several sessions in advance (Abo) to profit from a better price per session & save time. When you buy an Abo, you can join any session we offer during the week - no commitments! It is almost the same as paying per session you attend, but without having to worry everytime about the payment. We take care of tracking your sessions and let you know when you have only one left.

You just have to train and enjoy!

Just want to try? Your first trial session is only CHF 10.-, you have nothing to lose!


Pay as you train either in cash or via TWINT:

  • CHF 25 for 1 bootcamp session

ABO 10

Book 10 sessions in advance over bank transfer:

  • CHF 230 for 10 bootcamp sessions (valid for 6 months)

ABO 25

Book 25 sessions in advance over bank transfer. 

  • CHF 500 for 25 bootcamp sessions (valid for 1 year)


Our bootcamps are designed for everyone and every single fitness level. Even if you are a beginner or restarting your fitness journey after a break, we always bring options and adaptions for lower or higher intensity in order to suit your individual needs. 

We are running Freilager Bootcamps since 2016 and have built a "small family" of very friendly bootcampers who enjoy, respect and support each other. You have nothing to be afraid of :)

Your first trial session is only CHF 10.-, give it a go!

Bootcampers training around Freilager outdoors


Tell your family and friends about Freilager Bootcamps!

If any of them buys an Abo, we will add a free session to your account!

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