This is what our fans are saying

We work hard to build fun and effective workouts for our amazing bootcampers, and it is totally worth it when we see the fantastic results they achieve and hear their positive feedback!

Bettina Beyeler

I’m training with Emma and Amparo since they started Bootcamps and ever since, the training has been so much fun and no session is like the other! The sessions are a good mixture of cardio, strength, core-training and there is always some time for a stretch. I really enjoy the fact, that the training is outdoor and in groups. I’m already looking forward to the next session!

Kevin Zysset

I've been with them since 2016, and it's never been one training like another. Emma and Amparo manage again and again to redesign the training and thus diversify it and bring us to our limits - in a positive sense. ;) I can only recommend it to everyone, whether beginner or pro. and the 4 week challenges are a great experience in which you immediately see results, which is extremely motivating. Keep up the good work! 

Estecy Winkler

I wanted to say, thank you two for the cool, well prepared, fullbody workouts you always set up for us. This is why I got addicted!

Andrea Walker

Just great! Thank you so much!!